Lead us from Darkness to Light!

The "mantra" that resounds in the minds of every Indian, the 'mantra' that dispells the darkness of ignorance!
The sunrise in the 'Diya' symbolizes the universal awakening and the newness of life. Everyday presents itself with a new hope, fresh opportunities and renewed vigour to helpclimbthe ladder of success!
The cross points towards the sacrificial service that Jesus taught by his life and death on the cross. The two beams of the cross; one vertical and the other horizontal invite us to love God and fellow human beings by our own life. It is Christ who said, “There is no greater love that a man can have than to lay down his own life for his friends.”
It is the same love, God’s love that Tagore longed to carry in his being. We read in his Gitanjali, “Let me carry thy love in my life, as a harp does its music and give it backat last with my life.”
The book and the pen by the side of the flame stand for enlightenment and wisdom. They remind us that books are the best friends of humans, being the treasuries of knowledge and that the activity of acquiring and sharing knowledge continues till death!
The bats and the ball on the other side of the flame remind us that physical activity is as important as intellectualactivity. We are 'Psyche' and 'Soma', mind and body! The primary duty of a person is to keep himself / herself fit because a healthy mind resides only in a healthy body!
All of them together form a shield, that protects a person from the invasions of ingnorance, darkness and evil! Let the sun, let the flame of love, let the light of knowledge shine bright and dispel darkness ...

Extend Technosoft, Udaipur