About Us
25 Years of a treasured tradition! And that makes a school unique, different and feels good!! St. Anselm’s School – Bhilwara having begun in 1985 has launched itself into the second quarter of its glorious existence. This school has always been a landmark of the town from its inception and continues to be so. Starting on popular demand and growing rapidly to their expectations made the school special for the people of the town. Today, its sprawling campus, lush green playfields, spacious classrooms, dedicated staff, modern techniques of teaching – learning, efficient and devoted management and keen and cheerful children upholds the appeal and desirability of the school. The level of excellence in academic results as well as co-scholastic activities maintained year after year, is an added attraction.

St. Anselm’s School – Bhilwara is a private, unaided minority Christian institution, owned and administrated by the Catholic Diocesan Education Society of Udaipur. Though the school is meant primarily for the members of the catholic community (as provided in Article 30 (i) of Indian Constitution), it is open to the members of all other communities. The Catholic Priests and Sisters who work here have left their homes to dedicate their lives to God and humanity rendering devoted service in the educational field.

The best is blossomed in the best of environments. Therefore the staff and management spares no effort to create a congenial, supportive and constructive environment for the students aimed at the development of the whole person, providing them the benefit of a refined education on modern lines. Growth towards higher order of discipline, conformation to rules and character formation are deemed essential during the formative years. Education for social justice, fraternity, equality, non-communal outlook and tolerance remains a special feature of the school.